4 years and many thanks later…

In four years some businesses can go from an idea on the back of an envelope to a multi-million dollar company. Others can go from an idea on an envelope to bankruptcy and people leaping off of bridges. I am thankful for the small amount of success that Strategy6 has enjoyed over the past 4 years and for your part in it.

I am especially thankful for Drew Key, who became a Strategy6 employee this past fall – even though I backed into his car on the first day we worked together and then went to eat a BBQ sandwich before going to MAACO! Without him I’d be 2 months behind on everything and customers would be bailing fast.

Here are some other people I’d like to thank:

  • My Uncle Gerald Andrews, who was brave enough to become my first customer.
  • Jeff Moody, Danny Sharp, Alfred Saliba, Larry Register, & Forrest Register who taught and inspired me before and after I launched my company.
  • Sharon Whittaker whom I have looked at as a mentor for the past 3.5 years.
  • Kristen Wallace who provided me with so much valuable information at the dawning of Strategy6 and has helped me with designs.
  • Ben Irwin and Bo Collins for believing in my ability to help grow their firm.
  • Mike Riddle, John Pedraja, Kristen Wallace and everyone else who has ever referred business to me or had me help out on their projects.
  • Ciera Driskell, Chelsea Beachem, John Pedraja, Kristen Wallace, Shannon Clinton, Tony Stafferio, Mike Riddle, and everyone else who has ever helped me work on my company’s projects.
  • And my wife for somewhat putting up with my workaholic nature.
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