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So you’ve got a great business idea, now what?

This morning, I received a phone call from a good friend who has, what I believe to be, a great idea for a software product. The software could potentially disrupt a large but sleepy industry that hasn’t seen much innovation in many years. As I listened to the types of software and processes currently used […]

Google To Begin Shaming Non-Secure Websites

Google, Facebook, & Apple are all trying to outdo each other when it comes to security and encryption. On the surface, this sounds great, although I suspect this effort is mainly an effort to enhace their brand and not actually to secure their customer’s data. However, it just so happens that Google also makes one […]

Strategy6 Launches first App; Now Provides App Development Services

I’m excited to announce that Strategy6 has developed and launched Red Shift, our first app. Red Shift assists political campaigns with organizing and utilizing voter data during door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, direct mail, and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts. It follows the same campaign process I used during my successful run for office in 2014. […]

Strategy6 Sunsetting Email Setup Support

Beginning July 1st, Strategy6 will no longer offer email client setup and maintenance for Outlook, Mail.App, Thunderbird, etc., and our servers. THIS IS NOT TO SAY WE WILL STOP OFFERING EMAIL. We will continue to offer email inboxes to all of our clients. We will also continue to provide clients with the connection settings required […]

Marketing can be hard. Automate it.

Every business has data that can be used to increase its top-line sales, even yours. You may not think your business has data that can be turned into additional revenue, but I almost guarantee you, you do. The most valuable information your business has is your customer list. You may not have a physical or digital […]

Guest Post: Gaining Leads through the Inbound Methodology

The following is a guest blog post by Anna Weissinger, who is an account manager at Sociallyin, a Digital Marketing Agency in Starkville, Mississippi. After going through the efforts of building your website and creating content, how do you generate traffic so that people in your target market reach your site and become leads? That’s where optimizing your website […]

The Professional Web Designer’s Toolkit

When I launched Strategy6 in Fall 2008, my toolkit consisted of “borrowed” web design software, an old laptop, and a copy of QuickBooks I used when I was in real estate. Six years, hundreds of clients, and a few employees later, my toolkit has expanded. This blog post covers several software tools and services that we use […]