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Google Strong-Arming Sites To Adopt HTTPS Encryption

In case you missed the announcement, Google is now utilizing HTTPS encryption as a ranking signal. This means sites utilizing HTTPS encryption will be slightly favored over sites that do not. Sites that have HTTPS will have a lock icon, green bar, or other effect in the address bar depending upon the type of SSL certificate […]

The problem with cheap website hosting

The problem with cheap website hosting is that it’s…well, cheap. When I launched my first site on the web around 2001, price was the primary thing that mattered. As a perpetually broke college student, I didn’t have a lot of extra dough to sling around on my newfound hobby. About the cheapest I could find […]

Best Political WordPress Theme

Relative to other categories of WordPress themes, the political campaign themes category is rather slim. But do not worry, you can still find some good themes out there. In this blog post I’ll detail my  favorite political WordPress theme on ThemeForest. Note: there are many WordPress theme sites out there but having been in this […]

A Month of Milestones for Strategy6

Today marks a new period of growth for Strategy6 as Meagan Mueller joins our team.  Meagan hails from Texas and comes to the Wiregrass by way of Chicago.  We are very excited to have her on board. In addition to our team expanding, so are our services.  Strategy6 is ready to take online branding and […]

My 40 Under 40 Article in Dothan Magazine

Recently, I was honored to be named one of Dothan Magazine’s “40 Under 40.” I have received a lot of feedback as a result and it has been kind of funny to see myself on the cover of a magazine as I check out at Publix – and there I was thinking that people on […]

Q&A: Event Marketing

This question was submitted to our Ask us Anything page. Have a question for us? Just ask! “QueenOfQue” writes: So, event marketing (going out in person to meet people at a festival, fair or business expo) has been called the most effective form of advertising (1), because prospective customers can put a face to a […]

Focus on Facebook

This is a continuation of a series of blog posts titled Focus, which encourages business owners new to online marketing to focus on one online marketing channel. By focusing on one channel, business owners won’t spread themselves too thin. This post focuses on the online marketing channel of Facebook marketing. Focus on Facebook Most people don’t surf Facebook with […]