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4 years and many thanks later…

In four years some businesses can go from an idea on the back of an envelope to a multi-million dollar company. Others can go from an idea on an envelope to bankruptcy and people leaping off of bridges. I am thankful for the small amount of success that Strategy6 has enjoyed over the past 4 […]

Focus on Content Marketing

This is a continuation in a series of blog posts titled Focus, which encourages business owners new to online marketing to focus on one online marketing channel so they don’t spread themselves too thin. This post focuses on the online marketing channel of content marketing.


Photo courtesy of Mark Hunter. SEO? Pinterest? Facebook? Twitter!?! AdWords!?! Content marketing!!! LinkedIn!!! Where does it stop? There are simply too many online marketing avenues for most small businesses to capitalize on. If you are a small business it is almost impossible to run a successful Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, content marketing, and Google AdWords campaign […]

Best Web Host for WordPress

All of the websites I own and most of the client sites I manage are all hosted with Hostgator. This is for several reasons: Price Support Ease of use When I started out in the web development business I tried several hosting companies before settling with Hostgator. They were all more difficult to use than they […]

Tutorial: Your First WordPress Plugin

The best way to learn is by doing. And if you are going to learn how to create WordPress plugins by coding one, it may as well be one that you can use. If you are a web developer who routinely creates WordPress websites for clients this plugin will surely come in handy. Without further ado, let’s […]

What can a T-Rex teach you about online marketing

Be Hungry; Be Aggressive The T-Rex didn’t become a card-carrying baddy by quietly sitting around and waiting for food to come its way. To satisfy its dino-sized appetite, it had to be fierce and aggressive. You have to be aggressive with the way your market your website. Don’t take the “set it and forget it” approach […]