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Widgetize the menu for the Twenty Eleven WordPress theme

File this one under the “this is almost so simple I can’t believe I’m writing a blog post for this” category, nonetheless it could help a few people and I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere else on the Internet. If you have installed WordPress’s newish Twenty Eleven theme you may have noticed that it doesn’t […]

What’s happening at Strategy6

You may have noticed that the blog has been dead lately. I make no excuses as it isn’t for lack of time but motivation. After my wife leaves for work and takes the kids to daycare I usually hit the ground running with work and keep going until they arrive home. By the time the […]

Google Map Backgrounds, Cloud Flood, & Light Point

Time for another Friday Finds post! “Friday Finds” are some of the coolest links that I have come across recently. Hopefully you’ll concur with their coolness and find them useful as well. Here is a post that explains how to set a Google Map as your page’s background. Quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve come […]

Is duplicate content killing your rankings?

Towards the end of last year, I was working on improving the search engine rankings for a small e-commerce site I own which sells personal security items like streetwise stun guns, the TASER X26C, and other civilian TASERS. My objective was to make a few tweaks and hopefully improve some keyword rankings before the holiday […]

Top Finds of the Week

It’s Friday! Thank God, right? Ironically, I’ve always disliked Fridays. The day drags on forever and ever and time slows to a crawl after lunch. But to lighten my mood I’m going to start posting links and short descriptions of the top blog articles, infographics, and videos that I’ve come across during the week. As […]