4 B.S. Facts About B2B Websites Most People Think Are True

1. You only need to put enough content on your website to get people interested so they will call.

Wrong! People don’t look online to find products or services they are interested in, they are looking to make a purchasing decision. If your site doesn’t have enough information for someone to be able to make a buying decision, they will look elsewhere. Case in point: most car buyers already know what kind of car they are looking for before they ever set foot on a dealer’s lot.

2. People want to come to your company’s website to read about your services.

Wrong! People couldn’t care less about your company’s services. They want to know if you can solve their problem(s). Can your company help theirs save money? Can you help solve their staffing problems? Can your company help theirs increase their sales and revenue? Can your company help reduce their downtime by improving their patched-together office network? If you want sales, you need to talk about how your company can help solve their business’s problems, not just rattle off puffed-up descriptions of your services.

3. Exchanging links is a sure-fire way to increase your Google rankings.

False! If your entire link portfolio consists of link exchanges then you aren’t doing your rankings any good. You could actually be hurting yourself. Early in my SEO career I found this out the hard way.

4. Design is the most important aspect of your company’s website.

Incorrect! While your website’s design is a reflection of your company’s brand, it is not the most important aspect of your site. No, I’m not saying your company’s site should look like craigslist.com but given a strict budget you’d be better served by having an “OK” design with really great content than one that looks great but has thin or poorly worded copy.

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