Focus on Facebook

This is a continuation of a series of blog posts titled Focus, which encourages business owners new to online marketing to focus on one online marketing channel. By focusing on one channel, business owners won’t spread themselves too thin. This post focuses on the online marketing channel of Facebook marketing.

Focus on Facebook

Most people don’t surf Facebook with credit card in hand, ready to buy something from an advertisement or a status update. Facebook is a social site. People use Facebook to connect with friends, converse with family, and check out former lovers. So don’t try to sell anything, ever!

Don’t blindly go into Facebook expecting to blow your company’s revenue through the roof. It is important that you set your expectations correctly before taking the Facebook plunge. To do that ask yourself this question, “To how many people is my product, service, or business a big part of people’s lives?” Why that question? Because that is what Facebook is about, people’s day-to-day lives and social interactions. Here are a few examples of how you might answer that question:

Your business is a local hair salon

Haircuts are a necessity that most people take part in from time-to-time. So you might be tempted to think, “Yes, getting a hair cut and style is a part of most people’s lives.” However, haircuts are actually quite mundane news. Just like putting on pants and tying shoes are a normal part of everyday life. But none of those are necessarily a big or exciting part of life. In this scenario, the only people who would passionately interact with your Facebook posts or page would be employees (because they work there, it is huge to their lives) and your family members (because they hopefully care deeply about your success. You can expect a decent portion of your customers to “Like” your Facebook page, but don’t expect many of them to actively interact with your Facebook page on a daily basis.

Your business sells licensed collegiate merchandise

People are passionate about their favorite college universities and sports teams. Many of them faithfully watch their football team play every Saturday. Since your business sells merchandise others are passionate about, you can expect a large and active interaction with your Facebook page.

See the difference between the two?

Swerve Sweetener benefits from using Facebook. (Full disclosure: Swerve is one of our clients.) Swerve manufactures an all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener. They refrain from routinely posting links to their products on Facebook, but instead they post links to healthy recipes and promote causes like World Diabetes Day. Promoting healthy recipes of other bloggers builds an immense amount of goodwill between Swerve and the bloggers, several of whom go on to create recipes containing Swerve products. Eating healthy is a huge part of many people’s lives.

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