Guest Post: Gaining Leads through the Inbound Methodology

The following is a guest blog post by Anna Weissinger, who is an account manager at Sociallyin, a Digital Marketing Agency in Starkville, Mississippi.

After going through the efforts of building your website and creating content, how do you generate traffic so that people in your target market reach your site and become leads? That’s where optimizing your website comes in. Website optimization is the process that takes your original website and transcends it, and creates a high traffic site that ranks well within search engines. Optimizing your website includes adding relevant keywords, creating meta-descriptions, and beefing up other components of your website that makes it easy to find, and also improves the chances that the website will be indexed by search engines.

Now that we have got that out of the way, we can discuss why the website optimization section of the inbound methodology is the key to a successful website.

What does your sales funnel look like? Well the inbound methodology has a perfect system for leading strangers on the path to becoming delighted customers, and this can all be done by having an optimized website. If your site attracts customers they will be enticed to click onto your home page, once the attracted customers are directed to your company they are then converted into leads. This is a very important step in the methodology that can make or break you by how user friendly and optimized your site is for your leads. Next it is time to close these leads that you have gained because of how awesomely optimized your site is. All that is left is delighting your customers. Now that shouldn’t be too hard, eh? Now is the time to engage with them through social media and thank them for their interest in your business. Also if you want to gain feedback, surveys can be sent at this time as well. Here is a more visual representation of the aforementioned methodology from Hubspot:


As you can see, this methodology is looking out for your interests while trying to optimize your site. The main goal is to that your inbound campaign is successful and that your SEO is spot on. If there is no SEO being done then you are skipping a major part in your methodology, and therefore not generating as many leads as you could be and are therefore, a sitting duck on the internet. The road to having a fully optimized website can be a bumpy, but worthwhile. Having a constant flow of new content being put on the web, adding keywords, including meta-descriptions, and making sure your website architecture is pristine will always benefit your company, your site, and your new found leads. Happy Marketing!