Google Map Backgrounds, Cloud Flood, & Light Point

Time for another Friday Finds post! “Friday Finds” are some of the coolest links that I have come across recently. Hopefully you’ll concur with their coolness and find them useful as well.

  1. Here is a post that explains how to set a Google Map as your page’s background. Quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve come across recently and I can’t wait to do a website for a restaurant and use this effect on the directions or contact page. Hat-tip to my friend Chelsea Beachem for sharing this with me!
  2. I try to read the blog at Duct Tape Marketing when I get a few extra seconds and one of the things they mentioned a few weeks ago was a service called Cloud:Flood by ViperChill. I haven’t tried the service yet and can’t vouch for it, but I do plan on using it fairly soon on an e-commerce site I own. Essentially, it rewards people who Tweet or “Like” you website by allowing them to download a reward for the mention. This could be a coupon code, mp3, whitepaper, or any other digital good.
  3. Hover on “Everything But” is a cool CSS effect that I found on Twitter from Smashing Magazine. This is another thing I can’t wait to try out on a future project.
  4. Lightpoint Security is a project by my friends and former co-workers Beau Adkins and Zuly Gonzales. The service is still in closed beta testing but I’ve tried it out and I think it will appeal to a lot of financial companies and privacy-minded web-surfers. The service operates as a Firefox plugin. When initiated, it creates a disposable virtual machine on Lightpoint’s cloud server. You actually surf the web via the virtual machine so your activities can’t be traced back to your PC. The buffer between your PC and the browser also ensures any malicious code executed by the browser won’t affect your personal computer.

If you come across anything interested and want it considered for Friday Finds, please hit me up on Twitter.

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