Strategy6 Launches first App; Now Provides App Development Services

I’m excited to announce that Strategy6 has developed and launched Red Shift, our first app. Red Shift assists political campaigns with organizing and utilizing voter data during door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, direct mail, and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts. It follows the same campaign process I used during my successful run for office in 2014. With Red Shift, however, there is no more printing walking sheets, taking notes on paper, manually compiling those notes, feeding the data into your GOTV program, etc. Red Shift automates all that for you. The campaign and candidate simply has to follow the process.

We have casually looked into the app arena for about two years. Early on, we had a few requests for apps but those requests were for what I term “vanity apps.” That is, people wanted an app for the sole purpose of saying that they have an app. I couldn’t get anyone to tell me what they actually needed their hypothetical app it to do. Lately, however, we’ve seen an uptick in organizations needing apps to help run their businesses and communicate with their customers. Now, Strategy6 stands ready to provide app development services to organizations that need it.

For Curious Geeks

All of the data processing runs on Amazon’s cloud at This web app is where voter lists are imported, manipulated, and exported for use during the campaign. HQ was built using the Laravel framework. Laravel was also used to write the RESTful API, which sends and receives data from smartphone apps running in the field.

The Red Shift smart phone app is a “hybrid app” built with Ionic. It is distributed to campaign volunteers via text message  – major props to Twilio for making that part easy and affordable!

The team utilized GitHub to manage the code development for both the mobile app and the web app. Forge was used to make the whole Amazon server configuration and management thing a piece of cake.

Special Thanks

Of course, I could not have pulled this off on my own. Drew Key was critical to the UI design effort. Both he and David Senn assisted by providing feedback on my ideas throughout the software design effort. And super extra special thanks to Andrew Darts, an AngularJS extraordinare who coded some of the web app and all of the smart phone app.