Strategy6 Sunsetting Email Setup Support

Beginning July 1st, Strategy6 will no longer offer email client setup and maintenance for Outlook, Mail.App, Thunderbird, etc., and our servers.

THIS IS NOT TO SAY WE WILL STOP OFFERING EMAIL. We will continue to offer email inboxes to all of our clients. We will also continue to provide clients with the connection settings required to connect mail clients with our servers. We simply won’t be able to configure Microsoft Outlook or any other email client for you beginning July 1.

The Reason Behind this Move

This move is necessary to maintain the quality of our core services related to website development and online marketing. Our client base has simply grown too broad for us to become experts in the multitude of email clients on the market. On some days, a Strategy6 staff member may spend 1/3 or more of their day helping clients get Microsoft Outlook working, for example. That means a staff member was spending 1/3 of their day doing IT work, which we are not in the business of doing. If we are going to continue to meet web project deadlines, we must address this issue, and this is the decision we feel we have to make.

Google Business Apps Alternative

If you are not capable of managing your email client(s) on your own, and hiring an IT consultant is out of the question, then I strongly urge you to consider transitioning your email from your legacy system to Google Apps for Work. Google’s Apps platform is a cloud-based solution that is far superior to “the old way” of doing e-mail. If are interested in moving your company to Google Apps, please send an email to

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.