Top Finds of the Week

It’s Friday! Thank God, right? Ironically, I’ve always disliked Fridays. The day drags on forever and ever and time slows to a crawl after lunch. But to lighten my mood I’m going to start posting links and short descriptions of the top blog articles, infographics, and videos that I’ve come across during the week.

As they say in the Bud Light commercial, “Here we go!”

  1. The Shower Faucet Infographic – Why do they design shower faucets that way, anyway?
  2. The Best Press Release sites for SEO – I’ve often wondered this myself so I was pretty thrilled to find this on my Twitter stream. Be sure to give this a quick read.
  3. Recognizable Fonts and Where to Get ’em – Find out where you can get the same fonts that some of the most iconic tech brands use.

Have a great weekend!

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